The monsoon is undoubtedly a moment of fun and freshness. However, although a beautiful picture can be summoned this season, it is known that humidity can make your skin and hair unsuitable, so make sure you prepare for a rain-free season in advance.

Here are some tips to make you perfect in the rain.

» When it rains, your skin really needs to breathe without feeling greasy and greasy. It needs health care, but it is also not affected by moisture and pollution. Use Aloe Hydrogel to moisturize your skin, remove it and leave it feeling soft and smooth.

» No matter how cloudy it is, your skin always needs sun protection. Using an ultra-matte gel gives your skin a non-sticky, lightweight and ultra-matte effect while also protecting it from the sun.

» The ultimate motto of the monsoon should be – less is more! Using everyday skin stylists such as CC cream, infused with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, can provide you with the double benefits of makeup and nutrition.

» It is not time for your makeup system to be heavy. Create a makeup-free make-up look by pairing a matt poppy lipstick with winged eyes made with a waterproof gel kajal. Choose a foundation with a light weight formula, or give your foundation some rest by going to a loose powder foundation.

» Focus on taking out the natural, fresh light, rather than over-filling the skin. Choose products that are infused with natural ingredients such as aloe vera and honey because they have multiple effects and apply to your skin.

» Special tips for all working women: When you leave the air-conditioned office and get out of the house, your skin can suddenly be shaken. Therefore, use a non-greasy and non-greasy product to maintain the freshness of the skin.

Hair care tips

» During the long months of the monsoon, there was a high amount of oil in the scalp, which made the hair appear flat roots. To prevent this from happening, you must wash your hair regularly.

»Antibacterial hair shampoos and cleansers are essential for the scalp because they help fight fungal and bacterial infections.

» Rainwater is usually acidic and dirty, so if you get wet in the rain, leave a protective area on the product and use a hair dryer to dry your hair. The product will form a protective layer on the hair and prevent damage caused by rain.

» Choose a deodorant that fits your hair and ensure that you always have a good odor.

» It is recommended to dry your hair with a towel while wiping. Rubbing moist hair may cause it to break due to friction.

» Use a wide-tooth comb on your hair, this will ensure that your hair will not break and get damaged.

Hairstyle tips

» Boxer Scorpions – This favorite primary school hairstyle is intense but carefree and suitable for wet weather. Use anti-wool serum to prepare your hair. Create a neck section with the center section to the neck and cut off one side. The uncut side is knitted by taking some hair at the top and dividing it into 3 equal parts.

Next, pass the left part through the middle part. Now select the right part and cross it in the middle. Now start adding more hair in the scorpion. Take a short piece of hair that has been placed on the left and combine it with the current left part. Repeat this process with the right hair until you reach the end of your hair and keep the hair elastic. Repeat this process on the other side.

» The upper part of the space packet – use hair dry shampoo to prepare hair and keep the volume of hair for several days! Brush your hair and create a messy central part. Put your index finger on each eyebrow, trace it back to your hair and keep it.

Divide your gathered hair in half, make ponytails, and secure them with elastic bands. Twist the first ponytail around the hair to form a hair bun. Repeat this process on the other side. Apply some curly mousse to loose hair to enjoy bohemian beach waves.